Mixologist Recipe: Dark & Stormy

Like any good summoner, the mixologist goes beyond just opening ready-made monster bottles and unleashes powerful concoctions that transcend the mortal realm. After discovering a brand of rum call Kraken, there was only one drink that could be made: Dark ‘n Stormy.

A blend of ginger beer, dark rum and shaved ginger, this spicy and sweet potent potable is perfect for these colder nights. So grab your dice and get ready for a drink that bites back that makes both the fire shamans and hydromancers in your group happy!

Dark ‘n Stormy

2 ounces black rum
8 ounces of ginger beer
A shaving of fresh ginger (optional)

Serve in a pint class or collins. Pour the rum over ice and add the ginger beer. Stir then garnish the top with ginger.

Traditionally made with Gosling’s black rum, it’s hard to ignore the allure of making a sea-themed drink with a rum named Kraken! Also, if you can’t find ginger beer, ginger ale will do in a pinch but it makes the ginger more important.

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