Portals of the Week

Each week we scour the tubes of the Internet for portals to all the best cooking, gaming, and all around geeky realms.

Top 10 Food & Words You’ve Never Heard Of – All of my favorite things are jentacular.
Six ways customers tick off chefs – General rule of thumb: don’t be a dick.
Home-Cured Bacon – Excuse me while I find a towel to wipe up all this drool.

Zombie Street Fighter – If this ever became a game, I would probably start playing fighting games again.
Every RPG Ever – It’s more than true since you’re probably an orphan with a great destiny but first you need to check out the festival.

General Nerdery
The Female Character Flowchart – Combine with the Every RPG Ever flowchart for the worst choose your own adventure ever
The R2-D2 Swimsuit – I got nothing.
The Evolution of the Geek – I’m at least a half-dozen of these. Maybe more. Tom’s closer to a dozen.