Daily Archives September 27, 2010

Supernatural Collective Nouns

I’ve always been a fan of weird collective nouns, like a crash of rhinos, army of ants or a lodge of beavers. But you know what’s been missing? Imaginary animals! Thankfully Wondermark has remedied this situation with a creation that needs to be in every DM’s toolkit and made the Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns.

A tangle of Gorgons is absolute genius.

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Many-Hour Review: Rules Compendium and D&D Essentials Products, Part 2

D&D Essentials Line I started off the other day by going over the Rules Compendium from the D&D Essentials line. I like the book and got to try it certainly comes in handy with my sometimes-litigious gaming group, which is exactly what Stephen Radney-MacFarland recommends in his latest Save My Game. As he notes (and as I did) the book is slim on some things like rituals and magic items and some weapon properties. This begs the question that I started with before: “Who benefits from the Essentials line?”Read More