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Top Chef All-Stars Officially Announced!

The cast of Top Chef All-Stars just got announced during the Top Chef DC Reunion and they are shown after the break so people don’t get spoiled!

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Top 6 Scars of Mirrodin Cards for Multiplayer

As someone who plays Magic almost exclusively against multiple opponents, I tend to look at cards differently than most players. When games regularly go ten or fifteen turns, some cards are suddenly much more interesting. Standard rules like life gain sucks no longer apply since an additional turn can mean life or death, and players can easily team up against one another. And since Wizards released the full Scars of Mirrodin spoiler early, here are my six favorite cards.

6. Turn Aside

I love cards like Avoid Fate and Rebuff the Wicked, so being able to add a third version of this spell to my collection makes me very, very happy. Charging in for an attack is always a risk, but a hard counter for a targeted spell at a single blue mana is worth playing.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Drinking Game

As I ranted about last week, I’m not the biggest fan of Top Chef Just Desserts. And I was also informed that “drinking heavily throughout” isn’t grounds for a successful drinking game (even if that is my favorite way to play the iFanboy drinking game), so I knew I’d have to make up some new rules since many of the classic staples of the Top Chef drinking game don’t apply. If you’re looking for a new drink or two, check out what the Mixologist has been up to.

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