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Top Chef DC Recap: Epic Encounters

This season of Top Chef hasn’t exactly gone as expected. Kenny got kicked out too soon, Amanda lasted way too long and everyone has an unnatural obsession with pea puree and short ribs. Many writers think that this season is just lacking some spice. The Kenny-Angelo dynamic made for an impressive first episode, but then it faltered. There’s something wrong when viewers are more excited about a guest judge than any of the chef’testants.

Since this show is more about the chef’testants than the food they make, we learned more about Kelly whining about how she misses her husband and how Angelo got divorced (finally explains where his kid came from!). But that’s boring and the Quickfire is more exciting since loot is involved. Remember players, only tell someone your back-story if they really, really want to know (speaking of which, go donate to Of Dice and Men).

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Top Chef Alignment Graph: The Final Four

It’s taken weeks but here we are, the final four cheftestants on Top Chef: DCare preparing to battle it out for the crown. As we learned in this week’s episode *spoiler alert*….the finale will be going international, with the contestants and judges headed to Singapore. There are some potential issues with this, especially if a predominance of the final challenges involve ingredients or techniques that are foreign to all of the participants. If that is the case, then the likelihood that we will get a true outcome with the “best chef” winning is decreased. This happened in Season 2 when the challengers were sent to Hawaii and had to use traditional ingredients that they really didn’t have experience with. Sam, who all season proved he was the best chef (along with Marcel) was eliminated primarily because he didn’t know how to handle and properly prepare some of those ingredients. One might argue that all the contestants are on an even playing field with regard to foreign ingredients, but for the finale of Top Chef, I don’t want a lot of gimmicks and crazy stipulations. Sure, we need one or two variables to make it interesting, but in the end the final competitions need to be about the chefs showing their entire repertoire and creating the best possible meal. Let’s hope they get that chance.

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