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Top Chef Just Desserts: Cookies of Resentment

There is no reason for this show to require an extra fifteen minutes, unless someone on the cast and crew of Top Chef Just Desserts requires tears to live. If that’s the case, then there is something wrong with Magical Elves Productions. But it’s a new week, so hopefully the drama of Seth’s breakdown will be under the bridge.

So the challenge is an epic one. The chefs have to make a wedding cake, decorated and all in 90 minutes and present it to Silvia Weinstock, one of the best wedding cake designers in the world. And she happens to remind me of Stan Lee crossed with Edna Mole of the Incredibles. To make the challenge a tad easier, the chefs are provided with plain, yellow cake for the base.

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Cook’s Recipe: Sweet & Sour Pork with Cashew & Coconut Rice

I wish I had a wok for this adventure, it would have made life a lot easier. Instead, I powered on ahead with a dish that even surprised me.

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Greatest Poison Counter Ever!

With Scars of Mirrodin, everyone is jumping on the poison counters are cool band wagon. But the official poison counters left a lot to be desired. I mean, it’s got the Phyrexian symbol on it so it doesn’t exactly make sense with the older poison cards. So Inkwell Looter went off and got creative with making some poison counters of his own.

I adore this Snake Clock because as it turns, the mouth lines up perfectly with each Roman numeral! It’s genius and reminds me a lot of the Chamber of Secrets for some reason. Inkwell looter says high resolution images are coming soon so you can make your own!

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Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers Already?

Well, Scars of Mirrodin just had its prerelease last weekend (I got steamrolled) and actually gets released this weekend, so you know what that means? Mirrodin Beseiged spoilers are upon us!

The rules of the Scars of Mirrodin Game Day have been announced. Any standard deck is eligible and can be affiliated with either side by just including 10 Mirran or Phyrexian cards! Of course, if you affiliate with Phyrexia, you can’t run Mirran cards. Which means the new dual lands are out for you. But the most interesting part are the prizes for Game Day.

The top 2 Mirran decks win a Mirrodin Besieged preview card: Peace Strider!

The top 2 Phyrexian decks win a Mirrodin Besieged preview card: Pierce Strider!

Near identical names? I’m secretly hoping for a redo of Planar Chaos where each card gets done twice. Throw in 5 nonbasic lands and you’ve got 75 cards on each side ready for an amazing fight. Maybe even a Planeswalker or two, because Karn has to come home eventually.

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Supernatural Collective Nouns

I’ve always been a fan of weird collective nouns, like a crash of rhinos, army of ants or a lodge of beavers. But you know what’s been missing? Imaginary animals! Thankfully Wondermark has remedied this situation with a creation that needs to be in every DM’s toolkit and made the Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns.

A tangle of Gorgons is absolute genius.

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Many-Hour Review: Rules Compendium and D&D Essentials Products, Part 2

D&D Essentials Line I started off the other day by going over the Rules Compendium from the D&D Essentials line. I like the book and got to try it certainly comes in handy with my sometimes-litigious gaming group, which is exactly what Stephen Radney-MacFarland recommends in his latest Save My Game. As he notes (and as I did) the book is slim on some things like rituals and magic items and some weapon properties. This begs the question that I started with before: “Who benefits from the Essentials line?”Read More

Cook’s Recipe: Hunter’s Stew with Dumplings

Summer is coming to an end and here in the Northeast, that means there are only a few days left before the Harvest moon rises and the crops get one final gathering before hunkering down for the winter. But with such an abundance of fresh crops, now is the time to make the most of fresh ingredients to keep yourself warm as the nights begin to cool. This recipe is simple and best of all – it only needs a single pot!

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Top Chef Just Desserts Recap: Are these challenges optional?

I’m going to have to make some changes to my Top Chef Just Desserts drinking game, because drinking the entire time is the only way I was able to get through this episode. Between the epileptic inducing intro, Tim going on about how he’s mama hen and then Seth crying about his mom, I had finished my first beer before we even got to the Quick Fire!

But something felt wrong because I realized this episode had an extra 15 minutes. Whenever that happens, something big happens in the show so I knew I had to wait, watch and grab another bottle. The candy themed Quick Fire was judged by Elizabeth Falkner – a world renowned pastry chef and a contestant on Top Chef Masters, so she knows what the pressure is like. So with a plethora of candy (including something like looked like multi-colored banana runts), the chefs were tasked to make a dish that celebrated penny candy and used some of the sugary confectionaries.

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Top Chef All-Stars Officially Announced!

The cast of Top Chef All-Stars just got announced during the Top Chef DC Reunion and they are shown after the break so people don’t get spoiled!

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Top 6 Scars of Mirrodin Cards for Multiplayer

As someone who plays Magic almost exclusively against multiple opponents, I tend to look at cards differently than most players. When games regularly go ten or fifteen turns, some cards are suddenly much more interesting. Standard rules like life gain sucks no longer apply since an additional turn can mean life or death, and players can easily team up against one another. And since Wizards released the full Scars of Mirrodin spoiler early, here are my six favorite cards.

6. Turn Aside

I love cards like Avoid Fate and Rebuff the Wicked, so being able to add a third version of this spell to my collection makes me very, very happy. Charging in for an attack is always a risk, but a hard counter for a targeted spell at a single blue mana is worth playing.

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