Daily Archives August 26, 2010

Week Two of Scars of Mirrodin Spoilers: Proliferate!

The deck lists of Tezzert versus Elspeth just got posted today by Wizards but two cards were kept a mystery – Contagion Clasp and Kembra’s Skyguard! Luckily, someone over at MTG Salvation managed to get scans of the cards! And here they are:

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Top Chef DC Recap: Balls, Bats and Back Story

Last night’s 11th episode of Top Chef DC had it all – yelling, foam, guys wearing dresses, doppelgangers and horribly awkward idioms! To top it off, I think we just hit the point in the season where I forget who some of the chef’testants were. Watching the intro just left me going “her?”

But the pressure is really on now. How else can you explain Ed wearing Tiffany’s dress (those things should really be bind on equip) or Angelo admitting that he had made a shrine to various chefs and would pray them. The more we learn about Angelo, the weirder it all gets.

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