Mixologist’s Recipe: Butterbeer

I just got back from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida and two things immediately struck me: I still want to be a wizard and Butterbeer is exceptionally delicious. Between feasting on a turkey leg the size of my forearm at Three Broomsticks and battling dementors underneath Hogwarts, I worked up quite a thirst and repeatedly refilled my goblet with the frothy, delicious concoction known as Butterbeer.

But there were two things missing from it: alcohol and the ability to get it outside of Universal Studios. Like my original Harry Potter Sorting Shots, I managed to make a delicious version that also has a bit of a kick to it.

Makes one serving

6 oz club soda
1 oz butterscotch schnapps
1 oz dark simple syrup

1 oz heavy cream
1 tbsp sugar

The most important difference in Butterbeer is making dark simple syrup. Take equal parts brown sugar and water and heat until the sugar has completely dissolved and the mixture has reduced to a syrup consistency.

Chill the club soda and dark simple syrup. Stir together the club soda, butterscotch schnapps and dark simple syrup. Top off with an ounce of lightly whipped cream to give it a creamy head. This is mandatory and mandated by J.K. Rowling herself!

Universal Studios also has a frozen version of Butterbeer that may be near impossible to recreate in your own kitchen since it’s consistency is similar to a Coolata at Dunkin Donuts. If you wish to make it yourself, replace 4 ounces of the club soda with ice and blend it together with the dark simple syrup and butterscotch schnapps, then top with the whipped cream.

For wizards under legal drinking age that don’t take after the great Fred and George Weasley, the butterscotch schnapps can be replaced by butterscotch flavored syrup – not the kind used on sundaes though! For brave warriors who prefer a bit more of a kick (and a drink strong enough to knock out a house-elf), replace an ounce of club soda with chilled vodka.

Like many of the Mixologist’s drinks, this recipe is intended for wizards and warriors of legal age in their respective realms.

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