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D&D One Hour Review: Psionic Power

Hey again! So, the other D&D product I was excited for this month, besides the Dark Sun products, was Psionic Power. This product is obviously released in conjunction with Dark Sun since that setting relies so heavily on psionics and DMs and players alike are probably as primed as ever for more material for the power source. In the Dark Sun Campaign Setting it is explained that “All living creatures on Athas have some minor ability to affect the world with their minds. Most folk fail to tap into these abilities, experiencing deja vu or random flashes of insight at best.” Obviously, psionics is different and intrinsic to Athas so “dressing up” magical fantasy elements as psionics is less than ideal. This is why there is a new battlemind build in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting and the wild talent optional system but there could be more.

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