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Geeky Clean Gelatinous Cube Soap

For anyone who has been in my new apartment, it’s very obvious that I have a slightly nerdy side. Between the Serenity Travel Posters, the Hogwarts Banners and the Rock Band fog machine sitting in the corner of my living room, it’s abundantly clear. But there is one less known area to really geek out: the bathroom!

I fell in love with Geeky Clean when I first saw the site. Geek themed items are never a tough sell to someone like me who serves pasta with a Pastasaurus so the idea of getting a soap with a d20 or two d10s was delightful. Plus the Browncoat soap ration didn’t hurt at all since I instinctively spend money on things even remotely related to Joss Whedon.

But this time, Jess over at Geeky Clean has out-done herself with the Gelatinous Cube Soap!

The last thing you want to see when you turn the corner in a dungeon is a terrifying and mindless creature known as a Gelatinous Cube! Lucky for you, this one is non-toxic and will not stun you when you touch it. However, it has swallowed up a random Dungeons and Dragons miniature, and it’s up to you to rescue it! Most are common, but a few rares have been thrown in to make things interesting. This “baby” cube is scented with a sweet Mango and Papaya scent, and as always, is vegan friendly. Soap is 4.5 oz

While I haven’t gotten to try out the Gelantinous Cube soap just yet, I can vouch for the amazing soaps over at Geeky Clean. The full bar of Health was amazing and I’m loving the Reincarnation I’m currently using. She’s making geeks smell better, and if PAX East was any indication, that’s something we can all get behind.

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