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The Mixologist: An Introduction

Unlike the baker and the cook, there is a third path that can be taken in the culinary realm that is unlike any other. The mixologist is the modern alchemist that turns spirits into delightful concoctions and scintillating potions. A true hydromancer, this class must balance the skill of the craft with the tongue of the consumer. A well crafted drink can be the difference between ambrosia and rubbing alcohol.

But do not assume that this class can simply hide behind the veil of alcohol to mask their flaws and mistakes! A true mixologist must know the give and take of the drink and work to shape it, not control it. Most importantly, you must remember that not all mixologist work with the spirit world.

The Bartender’s Cabinet

Ice – Water, not alcohol, in all of its forms is the foundation of this class
Lemon & Limes – Taking a page from the cook, citrus is used to enhance flavors
Gin – Clean, clear and smells like Ent blood and is the drink of druids
Beer – Ales, lambics, lagers and stouts are all essential
Wine – Red and white should be on hand at all times

Mixers – A catch-all for sodas, tonics, juices and whatever else is needed
Vodka – Needs to be kept cold, very cold
Rum – The choice of pirates, best used for bartering
Whisky – There are subtle differences between whisky, whiskey and bourbon, learn them

Simple syrup – An elixir of sugar and water, allows for easy dissolving of sweetness

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