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Athas Awaits! D&D Dark Sun 4e Review

Ahoy adventurers! The long year wait is just about at an end. Ever since Gen Con 2009, we’ve eagerly awaited the release of the 4th edition version of the Dark Sun campaign setting. The ability to play in a world so unlike the others that Dungeons and Dragons has to offer is what most appeals to me. So much so that I’ll be launching a full campaign in the near future, in my first true foray into the realm of the DM. But that is a different story. Here now, a first hand account of the new campaign setting from our friend Mephit James.

I made the amazing discovery today that my Friendly Local Gaming Shop (FLGS) is getting pre-releases of Wizards of the Coast products now. I should have made this discovery last month when they had all of July’s products out early but this is the norm now. Life just got kicked up a notch. I heartily recommend that all of you stop by your own stores to see if you are as lucky.

Regardless, I saw the Dark Sun line of books just staring at me when I walked in the store, shining in their auburn-toned glory. I played Dark Sun when it was still a toddler, not quite from the start but well before 2e was called 2e. This setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was different, intriguing, and brutal: the perfect combination for a young teenaged boy. One of my favorite books, the Complete Gladiator’s Handbook, had pages upon pages of different deadly practices with which to fight; I had more than one series of adventures (just shy of a full campaign) which involved nothing more than being gladiators trying to win our freedom and eventually failing in ways too graphic for an innocent cooking site.

Needless to say, I have high expectations for Dark Sun in Fourth Edition.

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