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My 7 Favorite Cards in Magic 2011

It seems like every time I’m about to write about Magic, something bigger and newer happens! I finally spent enough time play with Magic 2011, and then Wizards of the Coast announces the second set in the new Mirrodin block! I just can’t win.

But as someone who has been playing Magic for over a decade and a half, I love that the new core sets are actually worth getting. Between the releases of 6th and 10th edition, I bought a total of 3 core set boosters – only because we were doing a draft. But now there are new cards that are absolutely exceptional, full of flavor and power.

These are my top 7 cards in 2011 and while they may not be the most powerful, like Baneslayer Angel or Grave Titan, they are the cards that make me the most excited about where Magic is going.

7. Reassembling Skeleton

This card is genius for the simple reason that its ability is how most new players think regeneration works. I remember being confused by Drudge Skeletons and regeneration as a whole back in the days of Unlimited and Revised. As a card, it isn’t the most exciting but the combo potential is huge in some recursion deck. It’s fun and super flavorful.

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