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Somewhere Only We Know: Barcade

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, just a stone’s throw from the Lorimer subway stop (G and the L train), Barcade is a gamer’s paradise. The love child of Flynn’s arcade from Tron and a dive bar come to life. If ever the story of how “Castles and Cooks” came to be was to be told, the story would start with the idea being hatched in a bar like this. In reality, the idea was sparked in a bar, but that’s another story.

Alternative rock band Keane has a song called “Somewhere Only We Know” that tells a tale of secret hideaways. For gamers and foodies alike, there’s a lot to relate to regarding that song. Gamers spend large portions of their time ferreting out arenas where they and their brethren can gather away from prying and judging eyes. The classic “parent’s basement” situation, though from experience, sometimes the basement is the best part of the house. Foodies revel in finding quiet neighborhood gems and surprise locales that don’t show up on the normal top ten lists and travel guides.

Barcade aptly fits for both groups. Though, for the gamers of the world it’ll probably hold a more special place in the cockles of your heart. A complete throwback to the 80s and early 90s when quarter munching arcades filled the malls of this country. The setup of the bar is really nothing more than a large brick room with a bar in the middle and few benches and tables. Around the outside edge of the space are old arcade gaming cabinets and a coin machine. Patrons grab a pint, seek out their favorite game and spend the evening making friends and rivals. All while trying desperately to supplant George Costanza’s record on the Frogger machine.

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Baker’s Recipe: Coconut Macaroons

Some recipes come out of desire, while others come from necessity. The biggest bane to the baker is a basic one: separation. May recipes call for only the yolks or the whites of the egg. Master Bakers can often craft a pairing recipe to utilize the leftover ingredients because wasting part of the egg is just waste. This recipe comes from the fact that after baking a yellow cake, six egg whites were leftover.

In the American realms, macaroons are a sweet cookie made of light batter and heaping amounts of coconut. Sweetened, shredded coconut can easily be found at most markets. Most bags of coconut are sold in quantities divisible by seven since two cups of coconut equals seven ounces. Keep note apprentices, for this simple fact makes the whole recipe much easier.

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