The Cryomancer: An Introduction

Where the Chef and the Baker deal within the realms of fire and flame, there is another class that takes the opposite approach to the crafting of food. Hailing from the northern reaches, the Cryomancers are gifted at balancing the hot and the cold in creating their crafts. Capable of cooling tongues, the Cryomancer is the bridge between the chef and the baker, both an artist and a scientist that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

But the life of the Cryomancer is one wrought with conflict, for their creations are desired where they last the least.

The Cryomancer’s ‘Fridge
Milk – one of the two foundations of the craft that must be tempered with care
Cream – the other half of the foundation, a balance of taste and texture
Eggs – an essential bonding agent
Sugar – white sugar shall suffice, but the Cryomancer is always willing to try new methods
Vanilla – one of the two classic flavors
Chocolate – the yin to the vanilla’s yang, both chunks and cocoa powder
Yogurt – a fascinating concoction that allows for a very different dessert
Fruit – while fresh is often preferred, the Cryomancer can make use of fruits regardless of appearance

The Cryomancer’s Stockpile
Measuring spoons – essential for the control of essences and flavors
Measuring cups – too much or too little of anything can spell doom
Whisk – to blend together with harmony
Mixing Spoon – for somethings that a whisk just cannot do
Mixing bowls – various sizes from small prep to large mixing

Pots – for creating the base, even heat distribution is the key
The Scoop – the greatest weapon of the Cryomancer, get one that is able to defeat the coldest foes
Cooking Thermometer – necessary for knowing how the elements are treating your mixture
Ice Cream Maker – a pricey contraption, select one that suits your climate and kitchen
Elemental Mastery – the Cryomancer must be able to control both hot and cold, and switch between them at will

Many of the Cryomancer’s recipes are not set in stone because like the tides, they ebb and flow depending on the environment. Learn the limitations of your ice cream maker and what it can and can’t do, such as quantity, time and cold retention. A Cryomancer adept can be shown the path, but must make the journey alone.

Unlike many recipes, all of the Cryomancer’s ice creams start at the same place known as The Base. The Base is a blend of milk, cream, sugar and eggs that is cooked and then cooled. There are several different Bases, but the most common is the Sweet Base.

The Sweet Base

1 cup of Milk
2 cups of Heavy or Whipping Cream
1 cup of sugar
2 fresh eggs

In a large sauce pan heat the cream, milk, sugar, and eggs until it reaches a temperature of 160 degrees F (72 C), which is the temperature that will kill any bacteria when dealing with eggs. Use a candy thermometer to measure and make sure you aren’t accidentally measuring the temperature of the pot. During this whole time, whisk constantly. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature before leaving it in the fridge over night.

That’s it, the basic foundation of ice cream. If you prefer vanilla ice cream, add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract to the mixture (or scrape the beans if you want those little flecks of vanilla). Chocolate ice cream is simply the addition of cocoa powder to the mixture.

Once the base has cooled, create it according to the instructions in your maker’s tome.